3rd Anniversary of the Traveling Love Dress

We thought a visit to Alaska would be perfect for our 3rd anniversary!

This year was our 3rd anniversary. We decided to take our pictures on a glacier since we were going on an Alaskan cruise. The morning we were to do the photo shoot was our last day of the cruise. We disembarked the ship and made our way from Whittier to Anchorage.

When we arrived in Anchorage, we found out that our flight to Denali was cancelled due to cloud coverage. There was a possibility we could do a glacier landing closer to the Anchorage area, but it would depend on flight times and weather.

We waited at Rust’s Flying Service to figure out what our plans would be for the day.

Rust's Flying Service

We were to leave for Denali at 5:00 that night. So, I called and asked if our driver could pick us up an hour later so we could make the flight. Fortunately, he said it would be fine.
Luckily, due to improving weather conditions, we were scheduled to depart for the closer glacier landing at 230. We went to a nearby place to eat while watching the seaplanes take off and land off the lake in front of us. Did you know that Lake Hood is the world’s busiest seaplane base?! It was never a dull moment on the busy lake!

A plane taking off of Lake Hood.

Sea Plane Taking off Lake Hood

When it was about time to take off, Chris and I went to put on our dress attire. The only room available was a bathroom. This made it interesting to get ready. Thankfully, the bathroom was large and clean.

All dressed up with somewhere to go; a glacier!

Tattling Tourist on a seaplane in Anchorage, Alaska

When it was time to hop on the plane, I wiggled my way into the back seat of the plane alongside of Chris. We enjoyed the flight over the Anchorage area. We could see wildlife and the panoramic views.
The glacier landing itself was interesting. Everything was white. This made it hard to tell how far off the ground we were. The landing was smoother than I expected. We had the photo shoot on the beautiful glacier and then took off again from the glacier.

Here is one of my favorite shots that Jody took. I love how she has Chris in 2 places in the pic!

Traveling Love Dress

Was it cold on the glacier?

The landing and takeoff on the glacier was one of my favorite experiences. How many people can say they have landed on a glacier via airplane?! People frequently ask us, “Was it cold.” Yes, it was cold on the glacier but I was so excited and in the moment that I never felt cold, despite not having sleeves and standing in several inches of snow.

Here is a video of our photo shoot for the traveling love dress with the glacier landing.

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot for the 3rd anniversary with the traveling love dress. All pictures were taken by the amazingly talented Jody Overstreet. You can find more information about her here. She offers photography tours through her company Alaska Photo Treks.

Which photo do you like the best? Comment below so we know which one to use for next year’s photo!

Traveling love dress

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  1. Danielle October 1, 2017 at 4:50 PM - Reply

    Um I definitely love the no airplane kissy face picture for next year!

    • BecciEdington October 1, 2017 at 7:46 PM - Reply

      Haha! Ok! One vote in!

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