How Chris Almost Lost His Flight Home From Europe

It is one week before we fly out to Europe for almost 2 weeks of adventure! I am in beast mode: cleaning the house, packing, finalizing plans. I am the planner. Oh, how I love to plan! I am on vacation planning my NEXT vacation.

So, I am making my final checks on my to do list and realize that Chris’s flight ticket says “pending.” What the halibut does that even mean? I paid the fees for the ticket online and the airline representative said all arrangements had been made. How can his flight home from Europe still be pending?!

I call the airline who, after a lengthy conversation, resolves the matter and am told the ticket will soon say “ticketed.” I check the next day, and it is “ticketed” for our flight home from Europe.

Lesson- Check Your Travel Plans!

So, what happened to cause this and how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? I paid for Chris’s flight using my frequent flier miles with the airline. For some reason, the airline representative miscalculated the amount of points needed for the flight and I had to pay the difference. This kept the ticket I requested in limbo until I made the call to deposit the appropriate number of needed miles for the flight.

I always suggest travelers check their reservations before they leave. In addition, check and make sure your flight ticket shows “ticketed” a day or so after purchasing it to make sure the airline does not drop your ticket for any reason leaving you without a flight.

If you travel frequently, it is good to keep a spreadsheet or list of travel reservations to update any changes (especially if booked months in advance). Changes to reservations DO take place, and when you are busy in life or planning several trips, it is easy to get things mixed up.

Thankfully, taking the time to confirm reservations guaranteed Chris’s flight home from Europe. Boy, that would have been a loooong swim! 😉

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