Ideas for Game Night

Staying in and having a game night can be a great way to save money. Invite some of your friends over to your house, or take turns rotating the hosting house to give everyone a chance. Staying in on the weekend instead of going out to eat or for drinks saves money for when you want to do that ON vacation!

Ideas for Game Night on a Budget

Decide what you are going to bring for food: Popcorn, finger foods, potluck. You get the picture! Use reusable plasticware instead of paper products.

Use reusable dishes that can be washed to save money. Here is an example:

Saving money equals more vacation!!!

What is your activity for the night? Card or board games, karaoke, watching a sports event on tv, etc.

Here’s a fun game to play that will make you laugh! It’s called “Watch Ya Mouth.”

Get your friends involved in saving money to travel WITH you!

Support from your friends makes it easier for you to stay motivated and meet your financial budget for your next vacation.

What ideas do you have for having friends over for a game night? Comment below!

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