Your Guide to Rugby, Tennessee

Rugby, Tennessee is a Victorian village in the Cumberland Plateau.

The village of Rugby, Tennessee was founded in 1880. It was meant to be a Utopian community that would flourish as an agricultural, Christian colony. Thomas Hughes, the founder, wanted it to be free from the British ideas the townspeople were leaving. Rugby never became the Utopia Hughes had dreamed of. The dream faded away because of its many misfortunes, such as droughts, fires, illness, and financial problems.

First, our trip started with a stop at R M Brooks General Store to try their bologna sandwiches! We had heard their bologna sandwiches were the best in Tennessee. The owners were very polite and helpful in deciding what to put on our bologna sandwich! The bologna sandwich was THE best one I have ever had! R M General Store is filled with old signs and antiques to enjoy. It was relaxing sitting outside on the deck and enjoying the peacefulness.

Rugby, Tennessee

Next, we went to check in at Grey Gables Bed & Breakfast. The owner, Linda, helped us pick out a room. Then, we watched the UT versus Georgia game in the living room. Linda served the BEST supper and breakfast I have had in a very long time. I don’t even like breakfast, but the food she served was so delicious. I about needed another stomach to put it all in! 🙂 Linda was a joy to talk with during our stay. We strongly recommend others to stay here or make reservations for a meal here!

Rugby, Tennessee

Rugby, Tennessee is found on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rugby, Tennessee

After enjoying breakfast at the B&B, we made our way to visit the historic community of Rugby. There is so much history here preserved for all to enjoy. In the Visitor Center theater, we watched the movie about the history of the village. Next, took the $7 tour of some of the original buildings in Rugby.

Visitors can tour the home where Thomas Hughes’ mother, Margaret lived. My favorite building was the Thomas Hughes Library filled with 7,000 volumes. There are still original books by Charles Dickens and Shakespeare here! You can also visit the Commissary, church, and old schoolhouse. The school house is set up for a personal tour of the history of the colony.

Watch the video below on our weekend in Rugby, Tennessee.

Where is Rugby? See the map below!

Want to stay at the Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Rugby? Click here.

Things to Do in Historic Rugby:

  • Stay at a Bed & Breakfast.
  • Go to a festival in Rugby. Christmas in Rugby is a special time, too! Click here for a list of events in the area.
  • Take a hike…on one of the town’s many trails!
  • Shop for locally made crafts at the Commissary.
  • Get to know Rugby’s history with a tour of the village. Go to the Visitor Center for more information.
  • Visit Rugby Print Works. Skilled craftsmen are available on the weekends at set hours to show you how early newspapers were printed.
  • Eat at the Harrow Road Cafe for delicious American and English dishes!

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