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I commonly hear, “I can’t afford to go on vacation.” What are you doing (or not doing) that prevents you from going on vacation? Do you like stuff? Do you have a budget? Where is your money going to? Write down where every penny goes and I bet you will be surprised how much you are wasting! You do not have to try and do all these tips, but each one adds up money! With these money saving tips, you will be well on your way to saving enough money for your next trip (or whatever it is you want).

  1. Sign up for Customer Loyalty Programs. All of them! Take advantage of their benefits! This includes grocery stores, department stores, airlines, hotels, etc. I wish I had all the points from the times I didn’t take this advice! Sign up for birthday clubs for free appetizer, drinks, etc.
  2. Make plans for holidays and birthdays. Chances are, you do not NEED a gift. Yes, we all like things but, things should not make us happy. Experiences and family should! See my ideas here on ways to save money during the holidays.
  3. Save money around the house. Check out ways to do this here.
  4. Buy rechargeable batteries instead of buying new ones.
  5. Invite friends over instead of going out. Have a game night! Here’s an idea for game night!
  6. Save money in the grocery store. Go early for the best deals. Buy generic foods or in bulk. Coupon. Click here to find out ways to save money shopping!
  7. Quit a costly bad habit.
    • Smoking? Those cigarettes are NOT cheap. You can have a vacation saved up in no time! Use that as your motivation to stop smoking! Besides, you will breath better and have a decreased risk of getting cancer than if you are a smoker. If you smoke a pack per day, ditching the habit will save you approximately $2190!!!! Does your spouse smoke too? Imagine the nice vacation you can go on with $4400! That’s a balcony room on a new cruise ship!
    • Going out to eat for lunch? Pack your lunch. I doubt you are getting it for less than $5 these days. That’s an approximate savings of $150 a month or $1800 a year!
    • Going for a Starbucks daily? Like Joey from Full House says, “Cut it out!” Try buying the Starbucks coffee from the grocery stores and making it yourself.
  8. Cook! Avoid eating out if you can. It saves money and is better for your health! I make enough food for 2 days and a lunch when I can! The key to this is planning! Find a good crock pot cook book online and start planning your meals!
  9. If you do eat out, use coupons, or find a deal, such as kids eat free or during happy hour. Eat an early supper while it is still “lunchtime.” Share your meal. I order a kids meal; it’s the perfect size and cheaper.
  10. Get a smart card. This is one fundraiser kids do that actually help you SAVE money!
  11. Have a meatless meal once a week.
  12. Grown your own fruit and vegetables in a garden.
  13. Drink water. Tap water that is! Avoid sodas and other drinks you have to purchase. Flush the toxins from your body while saving money! Win, win!
  14. Learn how to fix something yourself. It may have been the way I grew up, and the fact that I think my mom’s refrigerator is as old as me, but I like to fix things! With YouTube these days, there’s no excuse not to do it yourself! You can watch a video demonstrate how to sew on a button on your pants or fix your washer that won’t drain water. (Believe me, I know about that last one! It may have taken me 2 weeks to fix my washer. I may have started from the front of the machine instead of the back making things MUCH more complicated! BUT, I fixed it myself! That ice machine my husband wanted fixed for Christmas one year?! I fixed it thanks to YouTube in about 1 hour and called to say, “Now what?!”)
  15. Reorganize your beauty regimen.
    • Do you REALLY need to pay $100 to have your hair cut and dyed? Maybe try something more natural to avoid having it done as much. I used to pay a little more than this every 6 weeks to keep my highlights. Now, I choose to grow my hair out for children with cancer that need wigs. I save money by not dying and cutting it AND can help someone else! Granted, my husband cuts my hair now and that can be a little nerve racking! One day, I know I will have to start covering up gray, but for now, I will continue to grow my hair for someone who can not!
    • Paint your nails yourself. Take vitamins to help them grow strong (chances are your body may need them anyways!). If you do want to get your nails done for a special occasion or vacation, do so locally. Do not pay big bucks on a cruise line. Support your local businesses instead!
  16. Take care of yourself. You probably have insurance, right? Go get a yearly physical to make sure you are in good health. It’s better and more cost effective to prevent a disease than treat it! The insurance companies know this. That’s why they offer them free!
  17. Have little children? Spend TIME with them instead of money. We will always have our memories we hold dear, but we can instantly lose our things.
  18. Which brings me to my next point! Things. Why clutter your house with things? Do you think of the knick knack sitting on the back left corner of your dresser when you go to work? Chances are, you probably don’t even know what it is! Quit buying things that will not make you happy. Use that money on something intangible!
  19. Think before you buy. Do the research on whatever it is you are buying to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.
  20. Buy second hand. This includes clothes, appliances, furniture, etc. Or shop stores that are going out of business!
  21. Buy clothes that mix and match well. The wardrobe capsule is a big hit these days. Research it to find out what you need to complete your wardrobe capsule and sell the rest!
  22. Don’t buy a new car. If you have one, downsize. Driving a new car may make you smile, but it probably won’t bring you happiness like watching your kids run in the sand the first time. My car is almost 13 years old! It runs like a champ! Would I like a different vehicle? Well, yeah. But, I would rather spend my money on creating memories with my family. Besides, my husband won’t let me get a hot pink jeep! SO, I settle for my little car with great gas mileage with pink seats and decor inside! He looks so hot driving it! 🙂 And if your friends pick on you about your vehicle, remind them that you can’t drive a vehicle to Heaven!
  23. If you don’t need a car, sell it!
  24. Carpool or take public transportation if you don’t need to drive.
  25. Keep your vehicle in tip top shape! You have heard your parents tell you to take care of what you have. This definitely rings true with your vehicle. Make sure to change your oil and air filter, fill up your tires with the advised amount of air, and don’t be a lead foot!
  26. Cancel or lower your TV subscription. Do you really watch all those channels? Use Netflix or watch online. Better yet, read a book or go outside!
  27. Find free things to do in your area. Enjoy a festival (free or cheap!), take a walk in the park (come on men! It’s free and romantic!), or create your own entertainment (Get the tarantula toys in the kids department and put them on the fruit in the stores. Just wait for the reaction! JUST kidding! That may cause a big scare these days!).
  28. Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees.
  29. Shop around for insurance quotes. We saved by switching to Geico. Well, it wasn’t that company, but check into other companies to make sure you are getting the best deal. Do this at least yearly to make sure you are not overpaying.
  30. If you have a credit card, pay it off monthly to avoid interest charges.
  31. Downsize your house if you can. Or find a cheaper place to live. Remember, it takes more energy to heat and cool a big house. How many of those rooms are you using?
  32.  Take advantage of your company benefits. College tuition reimbursement, continuing education reimbursement, 401K match, gym membership reimbursement, and discounts on services, such as on cell phones bills. Are you healthy? If you don’t need a big health insurance plan, your company may offer you money to take a high deductible plan.
  33. Get a travel reward credit card. This is a big money saver! I pay with my reward credit card for everything, including utilities, food, gas, etc. The points add up quickly to go towards your next trip. Just remember to be responsible and pay it off monthly! I will post more about this in the future!
  34. Try mystery shopping. This is totally legit. Instead of paying for your meal, help companies find out how well they are performing, while getting paid and/or reimbursed for your meal!
  35. Air dry your clothes. They last longer plus, it saves on your electricity bill!
Save Money

What money saving ideas do you have? Share below in the comments!

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