Take a Slide Down the Ultimate Abyss!

Harmony of the Sea’s the Ultimate Abyss!

On our vacation in Europe, we had the opportunity to slide down Harmony of the Sea’s the Ultimate Abyss! It is a 10 story slide…the tallest at sea! You start your adventure on deck 16 at the back of the ship and end on the boardwalk on deck 6. It’s a quick way to get to the Aquatheater if you are late for a show or you cannot wait to get a milkshake at Johnny Rockets! Well, that is if there is no line…as hearts young and old line up for this curvy slide.

Do YOU have the courage to ride down this 100+ foot slide??!!!!! Here are some tips!

  • Take the time to go the first day you board as the lines won’t be as long. Go as soon as the slide opens.
  • Hold the mat with your hands facing up and your elbows in.
  • Keep your legs straight to avoid scratches on your knees.
  • If you use a GoPro, put the wrist strap on with the camera on the INside of your wrist since that’s the position you will ride the slide in.
  • Lean back and enjoy the slide!
Tallest slide at sea, the Ultimate Abyss

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