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My travel shopping list!

I am often asked what items I use when I travel. I decided to put together a travel shopping list of some of my favorite things. I’m sure I could add to the list, but here are the most common!

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Camera Backpack for Hiking ~$259.99

I absolutely love this backpack. I’ve hiked Angel’s Landing and other trails using this backpack to carry all my camera gear. If you need to take a picture, just rotate the fanny pack around, take the picture, and then rotate it back. No need to take the backpack off to get to your gear!

MindShift backpack

A scratch off US map ~$29.99

What a great way to keep up with the goal to visit all 50 states! There are even maps for the whole world if you have a traveler that wants to visit all the countries. This one is my favorite because it has the the national parks on the map.

Stylish luggage tags ~$8.99

Luggage tags are must when traveling. I use them to easily find my suitcase at the airport. So, I pick luggage tags that are different from the mass. These are super cute!

Cell Phone Lens ~$25.99

This camera lens kit is my favorite, so far. I use the wide angle the most. It is perfect to use for when you don’t want to use your selfie stick. 🙂

Luggage scale ~$9.99

I prefer the manual luggage scales over the digital. Whether you get a digital or manual scale, make sure to hold it still.

Pop Up Hamper ~$6.99

A pop up hamper is great to keep clean and dirty laundry separate. Plus, it makes it easy to wash clothes when you have to bring them to the laundry. (REALLY good for cruise vacations!)

Hanging Toiletry Bag ~$16.79

I love having a hanging toiletry bag. I can just throw it over the door and not have to unpack. Everything is accessible and frees up counter space in the bathroom. (Perfect for a cruise!)

Mini Surge Protector ~$14.00

Every traveler needs one of these! How many times do you visit a hotel and need more plugins? This one has a USB port, as well!

A RFID passport holder ~$14.99

I love these passport holders that can hold credit cards, as well as passports. There are different colors to choose from. Plus, no one can steal your information with the RFID blocker!

J-Pillow Travel Pillow ~$17.95

This travel pillow supports head, chin, AND neck. Perfect for the plane or car rides.

National Geographic Secrets of the National Parks ~$16.20

I love the information in the National Geographic books. There’s also books on scenic byways and highways, as well as individual destinations.

Universal Travel Adapter ~$10.99

Get a universal travel adapter that works in 150 countries, like this one. (It does not work in South Africa, India, Swiss and Italy.)

Power Bank ~$25.99

I love this power bank so much that I bought 2 of them, one for a gift! It is perfect for when you take so many pictures and videos that your phone goes dead.

Hard luggage that spins ~$100+

Hard luggage is a good thing to have. Did you know that if there were bed bugs in the soft luggage next to you, this could protect them from getting in your luggage?!

Anti-theft bag ~$129

Loctote Bag

This is the perfect anti-theft bag for vacation. Check out the Loctote bag website for more details!

What else could you add to my travel shopping list that you frequently use?!

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  1. Tersa Guettner November 25, 2017 at 8:12 AM - Reply

    A great water bottle. Good read Becci!

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