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  • Best vacation

Which Vacation is Right for You?

Vacation time is something that many people feel they don’t have enough of. With so many different types of vacation and places to go, it can be overwhelming to figure out which vacation is [...]

Things Every Traveler Wants

My travel shopping list! I am often asked what items I use when I travel. I decided to put together a travel shopping list of some of my favorite things. I'm sure I [...]

Should I use a travel agent?

With the internet available to answer questions at our fingertips, should you book travel through a travel agent? I booked a trip to Alaska using a travel agent for the first time this [...]

  • Tips for a weekend in Alaska

8 Tips for a Winter Weekend in Alaska

Here are some tips for a winter weekend in Alaska: If going in the winter, dress warm! I didn't have any clothes that were warm enough for -60 degree temperatures. So, I rented some [...]

  • Travel Highlights

Travel Highlights in 2016

Out with the with the new...year that is! The year 2016 was an exciting year for us and we wanted to summarize some of our travel highlights. We went on our first [...]

Save Money for Vacation

I commonly hear, "I can't afford to go on vacation." What are you doing (or not doing) that prevents you from going on vacation? Do you like stuff? Do you have a budget? Where [...]

15 Things to Bring With You On A Cruise

Packing for a cruise can seem like a chore. Some people are better at it than others. I am, in no way, saying I am good at packing! But, there are some items I [...]

  • Travel apps for your vacation

14 Travel Apps For Your Vacation

Travel apps can really be of assistance, especially when out of the country. Here is a list of travel apps that I use on my trips. Some may require wifi or internet connection, but [...]

  • Saving money

17 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Money Saving Tips When Traveling I'm a fan of saving money any time I can, even when traveling! Saving money equals more travel. Spontaneous travel is fun, but I like to research my destination [...]

  • Packing

What To Bring in Your Carry On

What should you pack in your carry on? Definitely pack ANYTHING you do not want lost! That includes cameras, cell phones, medicines, or anything else that is valuable to you. I once packed my wedding dress [...]

Travel To Do List

Travel To Do List We are leaving for vacation next week and I can't stop thinking of all the things I need to get done before we leave! I always have this mental checklist of [...]

  • first class plane ride

How Chris Almost Lost His Flight Home From Europe

It is one week before we fly out to Europe for almost 2 weeks of adventure! I am in beast mode: cleaning the house, packing, finalizing plans. I am the planner. Oh, how I love [...]

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