17 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Money Saving Tips When Traveling

I’m a fan of saving money any time I can, even when traveling! Saving money equals more travel. Spontaneous travel is fun, but I like to research my destination before I go. This is the biggest way to save money. A lot of times you can save money by booking tickets online. Besides, you do not want to research where the best places to eat are or what to do when you are actually on vacation! Here are some of my travel tips to save money while you are actually on vacation!

  1. Tune up your car if you are going on a road trip. Make sure your tires have enough air pressure, the oil has been changed, and rule out any upcoming repairs that may wreak havoc on your vacation.
  2. Drive with cruise control on and windows up when on the interstate. This saves money on brakes, fuel, and your car doesn’t work as hard due to the wind resistance created when your windows are down.
  3. Save any unused soap or shampoo from your accommodations. They are the perfect size for when you need them for a quick getaway to place in your carry on.
  4. Make lunch your main meal of the day. Just eat a big breakfast and eat lunch later in the afternoon, but before the supper prices start! You can always get snacks to tide you over. So, pick up that free apple or banana on your way out of the hotel!
  5. Pack your own food and drinks! No need to pay expensive gas station or airport prices. We bring snacks we find on sale, as well as drinks in a cooler. If we fly somewhere, we buy a disposable cooler that we reuse during our vacation to avoid stopping along the way.
  6. Traveling with kids? Eat somewhere that offers free or discounted meals for your kids.
  7. Pre-book your airport parking if you are flying to your destination. We park at establishments, such as hotels, close to the airport or use the Parking Spot. The best part, other than saving money, is that they drop you off at the airport and pick you up. No more walking in the heat, cold, or rain through the airport parking lot!
  8. Book direct with the hotel. A hotel finding service charges the hotel a booking fee. Ask for a discount, you may be surprised that the cost is lower since they are not having to pay for booking fees. Plus, by booking direct, you can use their rewards program that may give you perks such as free breakfast, free internet, or even a free stay!
  9. Stop at visitor centers along the way for coupons to restaurants and things to do. Plus, this is a good place to pick up an area map!
  10. Visiting multiple National Parks? Get the America the Beautiful pass for only $80 for the entire year. It also includes multiple federal recreation sites.
  11. If you are traveling abroad, get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.
  12. Instead of a taxi, use Uber or Lyft and find a discount code to make it cheaper!
  13. Travel to your destination’s off season to find cheaper lodging and airfare. Just remember, that sometimes doing this, you may miss the area’s top things to do.
  14. If you can walk in the city you are staying in, do so! Big cities can be a nightmare trying to get around, plus some hotels charge outrageous parking fees. Some hotels even have airport pick up, drop off, and vehicle to top attractions!
  15. Learn to negotiate prices. Haggling is a good way to save money on souvenirs and sometimes may grant you an upgraded hotel room or rental car!
  16. Always, always, ALWAYS join the rewards program to hotels, restaurants, and airlines. I wish I had started doing this sooner as the rewards add up!
  17. Buy a city attraction pass if the destination you are going to has one. These type of passes tend to give you a discount on the attractions you want to go to anyways. Plus, they may throw in free transportation or the opportunity to skip the line.

Just remember, you are on vacation. Vacation is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. And time is money. Spend it wisely!

Save Money with Travel

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  1. neva September 24, 2016 at 2:36 PM - Reply

    i like the ideal of using a disposable cooler.

    • BecciEdington September 24, 2016 at 2:37 PM - Reply

      It comes in handy when you are flying somewhere.

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