15 Things to Bring With You On A Cruise

Packing for a cruise can seem like a chore. Some people are better at it than others. I am, in no way, saying I am good at packing! But, there are some items I have used over the years that I have found to be handy to bring. You may find some of these things useful!

15 Things to Bring on Your Cruise

  1. Ink pen
  2. Highlighter
  3. Duct Tape (I use to tape clinging closet doors, close shampoo bottles, and of course, fix things!)
  4. Medicine that you use, such as Aleve.
  5. Pop up laundry bag
  6. Mesh Shower Organizer
  7. Lint Roller
  8. You can bring 2 bottles of wine and some drinks (depending on the cruise line)
  9. Detergent such as Gain Flings. They are small and you can always wash something quick!
  10. Magnetic clip to hang things on the wall. Or just bring a magnet to put on your door so you know which one is yours easily!
  11. If traveling international, bring a travel plug adapter.
  12. Push light- it may be helpful in the dark to make it to the bathroom.
  13. Insulated lunchbox to keep any drinks/snacks cool during your excursions.
  14. Ziplock Bags-they come in handy for so many things!
  15. Portable wine opener- don’t get charged for something you can do yourself!

Click below for demonstration of suggested items to make your cruise stay go more smoothly!

Do you have something to add to the list? Comment below!

Things to pack on a cruise.

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