12 Tips for Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships!

We love Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships. There are SO many things to do and see that you will have trouble getting bored! This is true for the young AND old. Having been on all the Oasis class ships now, I’ve learned a few tips I would like to share with you!

Oasis Class Tips

  1. You can board earlier than the given time. Oasis class ships have a quick boarding time- the best we have seen on any other ships!
  2. If you are hungry, instead of heading up to the Wind Jammer buffet, try out Park Cafe on Deck 8 for some salads and sandwiches without the crowd. My favorite are the delicious roast beef sandwiches! Can I say, “Mmmm?!”
  3. If you are late for a show in the Aquatheater, go up a deck where the entry for the rock climbing wall is. There are usually chairs to relax and watch the action!
  4. The Boardwalk Dog House hot dogs are free. Another good thing to grab on your first sea day!
  5. You can eat at Johnny Rockets for FREE during breakfast.
  6. You can order more than one appetizer, entree, or dessert at dinner. Even lobster!
  7. Sabor, found on the Boardwalk, has the BEST guacamole. We didn’t like guacamole until we tried theirs! Make reservations early as it feels up quick!
  8. Book your entertainment BEFORE boarding to ensure you get to view the show. I advise this at your earliest convenience, and check back before your cruise to make sure the date didn’t change, as this has happened to us in the past.
  9. Get a table (and grab some pizza) at Sorrento’s pizza. It is the best place to view the parade and disco bridge that rolls out during the shows in the Royal Promenade!
  10. There are comfy canopy couches in the Solarium to cuddle with your significant other or nap.
  11. On Oasis and Allure of the Seas, you will find telescope looking pieces of art. If you peer into them, you find some cool art! They are spread throughout the ship. I didn’t see any on Harmony of the Seas, though.
  12. Check out the ‘King of the World’ platform on Deck 14, next to the Solarium. It is found on Harmony of the Seas and is a clear platform that sticks out of the port side of the ship. It can get quite windy out there, but makes for a great photo op!

Don’t have tickets to watch the Aquatheater show? Late and there are no seats available? Check out this cruise secret on the Oasis class ships!

Harmony of the Seas’ King of the World

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